Beats4Change is a project-oriented network, where people contribute their creative skills to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities in which every member can live a dignified life and is respected as a valuable contributor to the process.

lørdag den 22. marts 2014

Solar Electric Light Fund - Benefit Album

Beats4change is now distributed on major musicservices, and will earn royalties for plays there, too
The 1. release is the Solar Electric Light Fund Benefit

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 ENJOY .... Søren

DONATIONS from SALES visible at First Giving: Beats4Change Solar Benefit Album THE BANDS
#1 Nyertun - Enter
#2 Chewing Gun -  S.O.S. (Call Waiting) web
#3 Kikai - Wish (previously published on album "Labor" under Copyright Control) web
#4 Ville Baby -  One Love web
#5 Digital Geist Off the Shoulder of Orion (Vinyl Mix) web
#6 Grothbros - Tollah Tra Flex web
#7 Deadman Elmarhoum - Delirious web
#8 Invisible Asps - The Mundanes web
#9 The Girobabies - Backlash web
#10 Aoede - Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling web
#11 K'Sandra - Feline (Hello Kitten Remix) web
#12 Mrs Mangle - Night-Stalker web
#13 Katey Laurel - Everything I Love web
#14 Kellee Maize - Mad Human web
#15 Heavy As Hologram - The One to Say Goodbye (Final Mix) web