Beats4Change is a project-oriented network, where people contribute their creative skills to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities in which every member can live a dignified life and is respected as a valuable contributor to the process.

mandag den 23. november 2015

Music is the weapon

 "Music is the weapon for the givers of life" said Fela Kuti
Thus it's no surprise that the terrorist from Daesh, attacked a concert. Daesh, Boko Haram, Taleban, Al-Qaeda are deathcults, they are takers of life, and hate music, dance and celebration of life - they celebrate death and hate

 We the lovers will continue to raise our voices, beat our drums, hit our keys, pump our bass, pick our strings - move to the rythm and fly with the melody

 We praise life - we are beats4change and #playforpeace, #playforlove, #playforhumanity - we #playfortheworld

torsdag den 12. november 2015


A call for urgent action on the global refugee crisis -- the largest since World War II. This crisis is not inevitable. It is time for immigration and refugee policies to change. It is time for us to call for an end to the wars and environmental and economic collapse that forces people to become refugees and migrants.